Design Advisory Committee (DAC) guiding principles

Finally, as noted previously the Design Advisory Committee (DAC) has been instrumental in providing input for the design phase of this work.  The following guiding principles were developed by the DAC and provide an overview of the planning as we move forward in the near-term.  

  • Create places to promote collaboration for students and educators.
  • Develop spaces which can be scalable and reconfigurable (flexibility).
  • Promote environmental awareness inside and out.
  • Accommodate gross motor skill activity inside and out.
  • Allow for the evolution of technology needs.
  • Social Emotional Learning should be supported by allowing space for specific activities.
  • Develop spaces to support project-based learning and STEM/STEAM initiatives.
  • Maximize daylight opportunities into learning environments.
  • Acoustic strategies are necessary to minimize distractions.
  • Transparency into environments is desired for supervision and integration.
  • Promote the unique identity of each school.
  • Furniture choices should support flexibility and diversity of spaces.
  • Optimize operational efficiencies through improved systems.
  • Environments must allow for advancement of next generation skills.