Negotiations Update Nov. 13, 2018

Board Statement on the Status of Negotiations (11/13/2018)

The CCSD66 Board of Education and the CCEA have been working collaboratively and
effectively for over two years, based on the direction of the previous contract, to create a better compensation model for our teachers. Our proposals presented during negotiations open the door to new and more ways, rather than just post-secondary credit hours, for teachers to take control of increasing their professional capability and earnings, and to enable this at a lower out of pocket cost to the teachers. Our proposal encourages CCSD66 teachers to run ahead of the outdated step and lane based salary structure and is aligned with driving better student outcomes.

We realize that change is unsettling, which is why the board and CCEA have taken great
care over the last two-plus years to approach these discussions and negotiations from an
agreement to seek a mutual understanding of each other’s goals, objectives, and motivations. We are striving to improve the lives of our staff members whom we respect and appreciate so

The board is aligned in its commitment to seek an innovative compensation structure that
recognizes teachers and rewards continued professional growth while being affordable and
sustainable for our community.

CCEA has requested federal mediation and we look forward to working with the mediator and the CCEA.