Joint Announcement from BOE and CCEA

The Center Cass 66 Board of Education and the Center Cass Education Association are pleased to jointly announce that a contract has been signed and that we both look forward to collaborating on continuing the journey of improvement in our district.

The four year agreement brings a number of benefits to Center Cass 66:
  • Innovatively improves the depth and breadth of professional development and opens the door for career salary advancement in new ways that are aligned with increasing professional capability
  • Provided teachers with a significant raise to align compensation with what it takes to ensure our competitiveness now and for the future
  • Accelerates early experience year earnings to recruit and retain high performing teachers
  • Encourages and funds teachers with new or experimental professional development or learning program ideas
  • Preserves and builds upon our district’s reputation for quality education while making District #66 competitive and attractive as an employer to talented, creative teaching professionals
  • Trusts in the professionalism of our workforce by offering greater flexibility in the use of personal, sick and bereavement days
  • Recognizes and compensates successful achievement of annual professional growth plan goals while building and sustaining a collaborative learning and teaching environment
  • Recognizes and compensates systems level leadership
  • Commits to working together on:
    • Professional autonomy in the classroom
    • Increasing the voice of the staff in all matters
    • Creating a culture of innovation that is supportive of failing forward
  • Simplifies some administrative processes
  • Fiscally responsible and sustainable
Both parties believe that this agreement provides a platform for progress and is a major step forward in increasing our district’s ability to provide the best educational outcomes for each and every student in Center Cass District 66.

Contract Signed