Phase 2 Begins - Along with Repairs to Phase 1

Phase 2 Begins - Along with Repairs to Phase 1
Posted on 08/26/2018

With our students beginning the 2018-19 school year last week, our staff was tested to see how well we adapted to challenges.  I am pleased to report that they consistently exceeded expectations in order to ensure our students had a positive start to the new year!

The week began with a torrential rainstorm on Monday night, resulting in a significant amount of mud in the drop-off lane at Ide School - just hours before Open House on Tuesday!  Our custodial team reported to work early and began the cleaning process so that our students and parents were welcomed into the new entrance on time. We have also installed straw and a silt fence to prevent a repeat of that situation.  With one challenge behind us, Team Ide began an exciting year. Little did they know that 24 hours later they would have an even bigger challenge.


As they began their second day of school, staff were greeted with the news that overnight, one of the newly installed water supply pipes had ruptured and flooded the central part of the school.  Fortunately, only two classrooms were impacted, however, the main hallway connecting the new entrance/office to the rest of the school and IMC had significant water on the floor. Once again, out staff stepped up and helped our students adapt!  

The cleanup and drying process began early Thursday and continued through Friday.  As soon as students ended their day on Friday, professional cleaning crews began disinfecting and removing any water damaged baseboard and wallboard.  At that point, the decision was also made to replace the carpeting to avoid any future issues. The carpet removal took place on Saturday and was installed on Sunday.  On the bright side, all costs associated with the cleanup and repair will be paid by the plumbing company who installed the new water lines. District 66 will incur no expenses as a result of this situation.


As those repair projects were going on last week, Phase 2 of the year-long construction and renovation was continuing.  The area leading to the old main office has been boarded-off to prevent student access to the work zone. The entire area has been gutted and is being prepped to serve as the new art room, maker-space, and a portion of the IMC.  Outside of the south side of the school (old front of the building) demolition is wrapping up and footings for the new learning commons and IMC will be installed in September.


Thanks again to a phenomenal Team Ide for ALL they have done to give our students a positive kick off to the 2018-19 school year!

Tim Arnold, Ph.D.