Images of the "new" Elizabeth Ide School

Images of the "new" Elizabeth Ide School
Posted on 01/31/2018

This week we have an update on the construction progress at Ide School and images of the renovations and construction that were shared at the Building Our Future Open House last week.

Construction update: Bids for the work at Ide School will be distributed in two bid packages - site work and construction.  The bid for the site work will be distributed on Feb. 7, submitted to the district office by Feb. 28, and presented to the Board of Education for approval on March 13.  The construction bid is scheduled to be distributed on March 6, submitted to the district office by March 28, and presented to the Board of Education for approval on April 10.  We are on schedule to break ground at Ide before school is out for the summer!

Images of renovations and new construction:  In case you were not able to attend the open house last week, here is what you missed ~   Click here for images of the planned Ide School renovation and construction.  An explanation of the various images is provided below:

Additions to the school (p.1)  The new entrance will be where the “rear” parking lot is currently located (northwest corner).  The new IMC will be located where the current “front” of the school is currently and will be visible from Manning Road.

Evolution of the concept (p.2) Over the past 12 months, the floor plan was refined to ensure the learning spaces are adequate and the correct number of classrooms are  available for the foreseeable future.  While we are not increasing the number of general education classrooms, we are adding PreK/Early Childhood to Ide, as well as a multipurpose room, learning commons, sensory room, maker space, and a main office with two levels of security.

Typical classroom (p.3) The current classrooms lack the necessary space for learning.  We are providing more  learning space by increasing the square footage of the new classrooms, repurposing classroom storage, and integrating with the space into the learning commons.

Learning Commons(p.4) The learning commons replace the current narrow hallways at Ide School.  The new space will serve as an extension of the classroom and provide opportunities for increased flexible student grouping, as well as large group activities.  This is similar to the way we currently use the learning commons for our 3rd-5th graders at Prairieview School.

Site diagram(p.5)  The site diagram shows the new orientation of the main entrance, as well as the increased parking and traffic safety.  It is our goal to have enough parking spaces so that no one will need to park along Manning Road during large events.  We have also increased safety for students by separating the bus lanes from the parent drop-off lanes.

IMC (p.6) The IMC will be a hub for the south side of the school.  A portion of the IMC will serve as a connecting space between two of the learning commons, the art room, and maker space. We have emphasized natural lighting, which will also provide indirect natural light for interior classrooms.  The space is being designed to remain flexible as the needs of future ready learners continue to evolve, but yes, we will still have books in the new IMC!

Art, IMC, Maker Space and Special Education (p.7) A floor plan detailing these new spaces is provided because the current spaces either don’t meet our needs or are non existent.  A considerable amount of time was spent gathering input from teachers on the optimal design for these spaces, as well as conducting multiple site visits to other model schools during the 2016-17 school year.  

Future Projects (p.8)  While the majority of the referendum funds were focused on Ide School, you may recall that each school was to be impacted.  All three schools will receive a secure main entrance system that includes two levels of secured entrances before a visitor is allowed to enter student areas.  Additionally, a variety of learning spaces are under review at Lakeview Jr. High and plans for those areas are anticipated in the summer (2018).  The Prairieview and Lakeview projects are slated for the summer of 2019.

Multipurpose room (p.9) The final image shows the new multipurpose room at Ide School.  This space will serve as an additional space for gross motor skills and assemblies during the day, as well as a lunchroom.  By moving the lunchroom out of the gymnasium, we have more flexibility for PE classes and students will be able to run around in the gym on “inside recess” days, instead of sitting in classrooms as they currently do.  We believe all students benefit from gross motor exercise and movement throughout the school day, resulting in students who are happier and more ready to learn!

Next week’s blog will talk about the importance of “failing forward” in District 66.  


Tim Arnold, Ph.D