April 2017

April 2017
Posted on 04/12/2017

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Vote on April 4, 2017
Tuesday, April 4 is Election Day and District 66 encourages all residents to vote. The polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. There is a building bond referendum for District 66 on the ballot and we hope all residents will take the opportunity to have a voice in the decision. For more information on the referendum, please click here.

Safety is a priority
This year we will have students in session during the April 4 election. Since both Lakeview Jr. High and Elizabeth Ide School are polling locations, we have taken additional steps to ensure the safety of our students. Residents who will be voting will be segregated from student areas in both schools and we will have a law enforcement presence while students are in class. While this will require a slight change in how voters enter our schools, it is necessary to protect student safety.


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District News

Kindergarten Roundup 2017-18

Children who will be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2017 are eligible to begin Kindergarten in the 2017-18 school year. Parents should contact Elizabeth Ide School by emailing Mrs. Regan at aregan@ccsd66.org with your child's name, date of birth, address, phone number, and parent(s) name. If you have any additional questions, please call (630) 783-5200.

Kindergarten Orientation/Registration 2017-18
Elizabeth Ide School will host Kindergarten Orientation for the 2017-18 incoming kindergarten students on Friday, May 5th; there will be a morning and afternoon session. Kindergarten Orientation is for both parents and students. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome and meet our new families and are thrilled to begin this educational journey with them!

During Kindergarten Orientation, the kindergarten team and principal will share valuable information about kindergarten. Students will be participating with the kindergarten team in engaging activities such as exploring mathematical manipulatives, creating a fine arts project, and listening to a read-aloud story. During the activities, teachers will be focused on students' social/emotional skills, listening skills, and fine motor skills. In addition to the activities, students will participate in a screening assessment for speech, early literacy, and numeracy skills. Concurrently, parents will have an opportunity to learn more about our school's vision, mission, and our learning environment. More so, there will be a question and answer session for parents with the principal. Parents will also register their child at Kindergarten Orientation.

More information about Kindergarten Orientation is forthcoming. If you should have any questions, please contact the main office at Elizabeth Ide School (630) 783-5200.

CPR/AED Training and Certification
Center Cass District 66 takes the safety of our students and staff seriously. We have members of our staff who are trained through a CPR/AED Certification Course on a rotating basis every two years. We encourage you to view a video regarding hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillators by going to the following link: https://youtu.be/Zh_uWrNaVQI.

Spotlight on Students

First Grade STEAM Day at Elizabeth Ide
On March 22, first grade students at Ide participated in STEAM Day which included 5 different stations of activities. Lakeview student volunteers assisted the first graders with the following STEAM activities:

S= (Science): Students investigated the effect that a beam of light has on objects that are made from different materials. Students used various materials (transparent, translucent, and opaque) to investigate what happens when light hits that object.

T= (Technology): Students worked with Ozobots and used coding to make the robots move and perform various tasks.

E= (Engineering): Students worked in teams to create a “free-standing” structure with marshmallows and toothpicks.

A = (Art): Students used magnets and marbles to create a picture with paint.

M= (Math): Students created an instrument that makes sound using three dimensional shapes (reused materials from home - cubes, cylinders, rectangular prisms, cones, etc.).

Spartan Showcase 2017
What an event the Spartan Showcase has become! In just five short years, with what started

as a joint effort with History Fair and STEM Night, has grown into a significant District 66 community event that promotes our student accomplishments in STEM, History, ELA, Science, Music, and Art. Thank you and congratulations to the Lakeview students and staff for ALL of the time and dedication that was put into making this event a success. The event was well attended and included a visit from State Representative David Olsen who learned about makey-makeys!


Elizabeth Ide First Graders Perform “Hello Around the World”
On March 15th, the First Grade class at Elizabeth Ide performed their musical “Hello Around the World” at Lakeview Junior High, led by K-5 General Music teacher Carey Goldenberg. Students performed songs from the USA, Lithuania, Germany, Ghana, South Korea, Mexico, and a plethora of other countries, representative of the cultural diversity within District 66.

first grade

Prairieview Panther Palooza

The 3rd annual PTO Panther Palooza was an outstanding success! On March 10th, numerous Prairieview staff members along with 225 Panthers attended this fun-filled event (a new record!). Grade level sessions were set up for students to jump on inflatables, try their luck at some fun games, smile with friends in the photo booth, and enjoy a snack together. Lots of laughter and warm memories for our Panthers!

St. Patrick's Day at Prairieview

On Friday, March 17, Prairieview students were greeted in the morning by bagpipers in the hallway

who guided them to the gym to enjoy a morning assembly. The Trinity Irish dancers performed for students featuring two Panther 5th graders, Lily Kelliher and Logan Kavanaugh. The dancers concluded this wonderful performance by teaching students a few Irish dance steps. What a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day together!


Lakeview's Annual Mother/Daughter Luncheon

On March 4th Lakeview's annual Mother/Daughter Luncheon was held at Bobak's Banquets in Woodridge. This special celebration was attended by 6th-8th grade girls along with their mothers. This event traditionally honors the 8th grade girls in their final year at Lakeview. The attendees enjoyed lunch, a photo booth, a candy “bar”, a baby photo guessing game, and a picture montage highlighting the girls' special memories from their journeys throughout their time at District 66. This cherished event concluded with 32 of our 8th grade girls presenting their mother's with a rose and a special heartfelt message.

Lakeview Winter Varsity Basketball and Cheerleading

Lakeview's Winter Varsity Basketball season came to a close in mid-March with the boys team clinching second place in the conference with an 8-3 record while the girls team finished with a 5-10 record. The cheerleaders placed second in their dance competition. The girls worked together to help choreograph their own competition routine (based on a set of guidelines and music from their coach). Over the course of the cheer/dance season, the varsity level team learned over 6 different dances, worked on high-school level skill sets and had a one-on-one practice with the Downers Grove South Varsity Fillies. Congratulations to the varsity teams and coaches Dvorak, Nyhlen, and Grove for a great season!

Spotlight on Exceptional Instruction

exceptional instructionIf you haven't already checked out the great articles below on our website, you should! We are fortunate to have dedicated teachers here at District 66 focused on challenging, empowering, and inspiring each of our students every day! Just click on the links to learn more.

  • Prairieview Panthers Persevere and Prosper!
    • Breakout EDU activities with Mrs. Csorba for 4th and 5th graders

  • Like Fish in a Fishbowl
    • Lakeview ELA “Fishbowl” discussions with Mrs. Burrows

  • Connecting Concepts to Real-Life Application for a Three-Tiered Approach to Science
    • Mrs. Grove brings the water cycle to life for 6th graders

District PTO News

District Eat Out Fundraiser at Portillo's
Our next District Eat Out fundraiser for CCSD66 PTO will take place at Portillo's located at 134 E. Boughton Rd. in Bolingbrook on Monday, April 17th from 5 pm - 8 pm. The kids are off school that day so make plans with friends and family to have dinner at Portillo's and 20% of all sales that day will be donated back to CCSD66 PTO. Please remember to print out the flyer and bring it with you that day or show it on your smartphone. Click here for the Portillo's flyer.

District PTO Auction
The District PTO 2017 Auction is now live! The auction will run until Friday, April 7th at 4:00 p.m. Click here to start bidding.

TEAM66 Education Foundation News

Clothing/Soft Goods Donation Drive
The TEAM 66 Education Foundation is sponsoring a Soft Goods Donation Drive to raise funds to support our teachers and students. Please clean out your closets and bring all clothing (any condition), shoes, purses, belts, scarves, sheets, blankets, and towels to the Prairieview parking lot on Saturday, April 22nd from 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Drive up service will be provided and all items are tax deductible! Tell your neighbors, friends and family all about the clothing drive and support the TEAM 66 Education Foundation grant program.

Community News

Center Cass Community Connections
District 66 strives to keep all of our community members informed about the outstanding education we provide our students, as well as partnership opportunities with our residents. If you are not currently a student, family, or staff member of District 66, but would like to receive district newsletters, Board of Education updates, or occasional public service announcements, please click here to subscribe to our District 66 Community List.

Center Cass Community Band
If you are at least a senior in high school or older and are looking to participate in a fun musical group, consider joining the Center Cass Community Band. Bring music back into your life. For information on the group and how to sign up, go to www.communityband66.weebly.com. If you know someone in the Center Cass community that would like to be a part of the group, please pass the information along.

Upcoming District 66 Events

April 3: Classes Resume
April 3-7: District PTO Live Auction - Bidding ends at 4:00 pm on April 7th
April 10: Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 pm at Prairieview
April 14: Non-Attendance Day - No School
April 17: Teacher Institute - No School
April 17: District Eat Out, 5:00 - 8:00 pm at Portillo's, Bolingbrook
April 22: TEAM 66 Soft Goods Donation Drive, 7:00 am - 2:00 pm in Prairieview Parking Lot
April 20: Elizabeth Ide Spring Open House, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
April 24: Board of Education Special Session, 7:00 pm at Prairieview
April 27: Prairieview Spring Open House, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
May 1-5: Teacher Appreciation Week
May 5: Kindergarten Orientation
May 8: Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 pm at Prairieview
May 12: Early Dismissal - School Improvement Day
May 22: Committee of the Whole Meeting, 7:00 pm at Prairieview
May 29: Memorial Day - No School
June 1: 8th Grade Graduation (tentative pending Board approval)
June 2: Last Day of School - Early Dismissal (tentative pending Board approval)
June 5-23: District 66 Enrichment Summer School (pending any snow days)
June 12: Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 pm at Prairieview
June 26: Committee of the Whole Meeting, 7:00 pm at Prairieview