Negotiations Update Dec. 11, 2018

Regarding the Status of Negotiations with Center Cass Education Association
Read by Sue Armato, Board President, at the Regular Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Thank you to those of you who have come here tonight seeking more information about the status of negotiations between the District and the Center Cass Education Association. We appreciate your support for our schools and students and we share your commitment to maintaining and enhancing the high-quality education our community has come to expect from District 66. 

First of all, we want to emphasize that the Board strongly believes in and respects our teachers. We want to encourage, support and reward them for both their work and their professional growth, while operating within the financial means of the District. Since April, the Board and the union have been meeting to negotiate a mutually acceptable and fiscally responsible multi-year contract agreement. 

Most recently and at the union’s request, we have engaged the support of an independent mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. We are committed to the mediation process and are hopeful that under the guidance of the impartial federal mediator we will be able to achieve an agreement that is the best interest of all District 66 stakeholders—including our students, teachers and staff, parents and community. 

The Board and CCEA had our first session with the mediator on December 10 and met for four-and-a-half hours. It was a productive discussion during which both the Board and CCEA shared our perspectives on the outstanding issues we are seeking to resolve. We are pleased to report that the Board and CCEA have scheduled two additional mediation sessions scheduled for January 15 and February 4. 

In closing, we would ask all of you who are here in attendance today to please show your support of District 66 schools and students by continuing to call upon both the Board and the union to work in good faith through the mediation to reach an agreement.