Board of Education

Center Cass School District Board of Education - Back row:  Secretary Joan Cullen; President Liane Raso.  Middle row:  Maureen Gibbons; Glenn Olsen;  Vice-President Janeise Schultz.  Front row:  Treasurer Lori HoffmanBeth Bukey.


School Board meetings are typically held on the second Tuesday of each month. The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. at Prairieview Elementary School, 699 Plainfield Road, Downers Grove. Time and location are subject to change. Please call 783-5000 for confirmation.

Open Meetings/Executive Session

All meetings are open to the public except executive (closed) sessions which are permitted by State law to discuss: collective bargaining; acquisition of real property; litigation; appointment; employment or dismissal of an employee; testimony concerning an employee; individual students; and certain other matters that which may involve consultation with legal counsel. All decisions, however, are made in sessions open to the public.


Vision 20/20
Resolution regarding School Funding Reform Act Senate Bill 16


All written correspondence will be acknowledged.

Agenda Items

Each meeting allows a period of time for public comment concerning agenda items. Any citizen may ask to be recognized. Because School Board meeting time is limited and business must follow an advance agenda, anyone wishing to make a presentation at a meeting must submit a request in writing to the President of the School Board and/or the Superintendent of Schools in advance. A special form is available at each meeting. Such a request should contain an explanation of material to be presented as well as samples of handouts the citizen would like to circulate at a Board meeting.

Development and Training Completed by Board Members