Board of Education Briefs – April 11, 2016

Highlights from the April 11, 2016
District 66 Board of Education Meeting:

Center Cass Community Band
Tom Tedeschi, Director of Bands, provided the Board with a presentation on the creation of a Center Cass Community Band. The Center Cass Community Band is an adult concert band for people who live in the Center Cass School District or who are connected to Center Cass School District 66. Members consist of former students, community members, parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, and so on. The concept is that everyone in the ensemble has a connection to Center Cass. The Community Band is an excellent opportunity to connect socially through music! If you are interested in participating, use the following links for more information:
Web –
Email –
Facebook – Center Cass Community Band

Last Day of Attendance
Based on the use of no Emergency Days (snow days), our last day of school will be Friday, June 3rd.

8th Grade Graduation
8th Grade Graduation will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 2nd at Lakeview Jr. High School. The ceremony will also be streamed live online for family members who cannot attend.

Summer Enrichment
District 66 Enrichment Summer School will run from June 6 – June 24, 2016. All classes, for students currently in grades K-7, will be housed at Lakeview Jr. High. Each session will be 55 minutes in length and three sessions are offered each day, Monday – Friday. Classes will run from 8:40 a.m. – 11:35 a.m. This year we have enhanced our offerings! Additional choices include Spanish, French, Keyboarding, STEM, and Zumba to name just a few. The tuition for each class is $65 a student. (Note: some classes have an additional lab fee attached to them). The brochure of class offerings will be emailed to parents no later than Friday, May 6th. Specific questions can be directed to Kimberly Liles, Director of Student Services, or 630-783-5113.

Changes in Faculty/Staff
Congratulations to the following faculty and staff on their changes for next year!
Kate Nikiel, Driver of Bus #7, will retire from the Transportation Department.
New positions for the 2016-2017 School Year
Mrs. Finn will move from Kindergarten to First Grade Teacher.
Mrs. Sanchez will change from 5th Grade Special Education to 5th Grade Teacher.
Mrs. Lopez will fill our 3rd Grade leave replacement.

Master Facilities Plan
Steve Shearer, from our architectural firm Wight and Co., presented their progress on the Master Facilities Plan to the board. Wight and Co. will attend the April 25th Committee of the Whole meeting to discuss early planning scenarios. Click here for an overview of the entire Master Facilities Planning process.

Straight “A” & Parent Volunteer Recognition
On May 23rd, prior to the Committee of the Whole meeting, students who have earned straight “A’s” for the first two trimesters (grades 3-5) and first three quarters (grades 6-8) will be recognized for this achievement. Parent Volunteers of the 8th grade class (whose 8th grade student is the youngest or only child in their family) will also be recognized.

Student Fees
The 2016-2017 student fees will remain the same as the 2015-2016 school year, which is $140. This will be the fifth year in a row that we have not increased student fees. Furthermore, this fee will now cover all field trips and teachers will no longer ask parents for any money throughout the course of the school year, with the exception of optional donations to charity or PTO/Booster/TEAM 66 fundraisers. Also, there will be an elimination of the additional fees that were previously assessed for STEM & Consumer Education classes in grades 6-8. The band fee of $100 will remain the same, as well as the one-time $8 fee we assess for students to purchase a recorder for music class in 4th grade.

Committee of the Whole
Committee of the Whole meetings are open to the public. The following topics were set for upcoming meetings:

  • April 25th: Master Facilities Plan presentation by Wight & Co. and Finance Appropriations Process
  • May 23rd: Educational Achievement and Finance Appropriations Process

Community Advisory Group (CAG)
President Armato provided the Board with an update of the Community Advisory Group (CAG) session she facilitated at the Community Connection event on March 21st. Several people shared an interest in participating. Board Member Cullen and President Armato will follow up with dates and the first topic will be Master Facilities Plan.

The public is welcome to attend any Board of Education Meeting. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. at Prairieview Elementary School, 699 Plainfield Road, Downers Grove, IL.

Upcoming Meetings:​

 April 25:  Committee of the Whole Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
 May 9:  Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
 May 23:  Committee of the Whole Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
 June 13:  Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
 June 27:  Committee of the Whole Meeting, 7:00 p.m.