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The 2nd grade students at Elizabeth Ide are doing something a "little fishy" during art class. Ms. Smeltzer, our K-5 art teacher, is taking our 2nd graders on an adventure to learn about Japanese Gyotaku Fish Printing. Gyotaku is a traditional form of Japanese fish printing that was used by fishermen to record their catches and keep track of all the different species of fish in an area. Fish printing is a very popular form of art among young children in Japan and Western countries. The second graders learned about Gyotaku and the tools that artists use to create these fish prints. These tools include printing ink, a brayer (paint roller), a paint brush, and a rubber fish (some still use real fish). Ms. Smelter works with students to mix the printing ink, spread the ink on the rubber fish with a brayer, dab ink on the rubber fish with a paintbrush, and complete their fish print. Here are some of our 2nd grade students practicing the art of Gyotaku. While children waited patiently to complete their fish printing, they cut waves into construction paper, created their ocean floor, and added other ocean creatures using oil pastels. What a wonderful way for the 2nd grade students at Elizabeth Ide to learn about art in other countries!!! These students are now "hooked" on Gyotaku Fish Printing!
Posted by jhummel  On Jul 18, 2017 at 10:44 AM 145 Comments